Sunday, December 21, 2014

Winter running in Central New York

I should update my post title to winter running while marathon training. Because, you know 5 or 6 or even 10 miles isn't terrible in the winter in CNY. It's when you are out there for 4 or 5 hours in the cold when things start to suck. Or I should say freeze.

Yep, I ran 21 miles yesterday. 21 miles outside in 25 degree weather. I know I shouldn't complain. It could have been a lot worse. It could have been snowing and I wouldn't have even attempted to run outside. Running in the snow is not fun. Or it could have been even colder. So with the 25 degree forecast for the morning I got all my stuff ready to go and laid out.

I woke up way before sunrise and suited up with long johns, long pants, long sleeve shirt, fleece ear muffs, and gloves. I will admit that going out to run 45 minutes before daylight was not smart. I had my headlamp and brought a flash light to look for ice. This big part of me wanted to go to a fundraiser in Rochester so I had to finish by a certain time for that to happen. I didn't end up going due to how I felt and I knew driving an hour and a half after run so long wasn't smart.

In any event, here's some things I learned on my run:

1. When you leave your water bottle at the end of your driveway for an extended period of time - oh like an hour and a half - it will become a solid block of ice. I brought it inside and had to go into the house for water breaks after that.
2. See above about the freezing weather, your uncrustable will not thaw and you will be forced to eat a frozen pb&j sandwich which was really gross but I didn't want to give up the fuel.
3. The water in the bottles on your hydration belt will start to freeze too causing the squeeze bottle part to malfunction forcing you to take the top off for each drink. Side note - Cocogo slushies are quite tasty!
4. Make sure you bring your sunglasses because when the sun does finally come up you will be blinded by the reflection off the snow.
5. The long johns were a really smart idea. I was never super cold on my run until after when I went inside. Then it was really awful how cold I was and I couldn't warm up until my shower. I don't know how smart that was, I did eat first, but I just wanted to be warm.
6. Watch out for black ice. Thankfully I didn't fall. I did catch myself a couple times. Those times I slipped and caught myself I saw my marathon hopes flash before my eyes. Really any time I almost slip and fall that happens to me. We're so close!!! It's 3 weeks away!!!!!!
7. Totally unrelated to the winter, but apparently the iphone 5 only lasts for about 4.5 hours while listening to music before the battery dies. Oh and I ran out of music about a half mile before the end of my run anyway.
8. Again not winter related, but I should have had the salted caramel gu sooner. Miles 15-16 were awful, I was so tired and wanted to stop. At mile 17 or so I had the gu and it really boosted my energy for the last few miles.
9. Remember to take Let It Go off your running playlist during the winter. The cold sure did bother me and she was making me mad singing about how it wasn't bothering her!
10. Taper time is a wonderful time of the year.

Are you in taper mode too?

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

WDW Marathon Update

I know. I know. It's been forever and a day since I last wrote. I am sorry, life gets in the way a lot. And this whole training for a marathon thing, that too. Where did we leave off? Last I talked about marathon training, I had done 17 miles and it didn't go so well. I am happy to report that since then I have done 18 and 20 mile runs and they have gone much better.

18 miles went great. It was so much better than 17. I think I fueled better. I ate a honey stinger chew every mile when I stopped for my walk break. I also ate an uncrustable at mile 6 and let me tell you, it was heavenly. They sell those at Disney World in the kids meals right? My plan is to buy one there and totally stick it in my sparkle skirt pocket. I had a banana at mile 11 to simulate when I would eat one at the marathon since I have never actually eaten one during a race, only before and after. I might have also had a Gu toward the end. For hydration, I carried a belt with two 9 oz water bottles filled with Cocogo. I alternated that with the water I leave at the end of my driveway (yep still doing a 2 mile loop around my house). When I finished 18 miles, I cried tears of joy. Just a little bit. I was just so proud of myself. And I was feeling good so I knew I had more in me.

For 20 miles, I followed basically the same fueling strategy. Again, it went well. I will say it wasn't as great as the 18 miles. The last two miles my legs were tired. It was hard and at the end I was left thinking "goodness, there's still 6.2 miles after this!" But it wasn't that I didn't think I had 6.2 miles more left in me.

This weekend I think I am going to run 22 miles. I am doing a modified Galloway plan. I find it crazy that he wants you to run 26 miles without getting a damn medal for it!

Thoughts on the upcoming race....I'm actually kind of excited about it. I know lots of other people are nervous and scared. I know the nerves will come for me on race day, they always do. But for now, I am looking forward to it. There's this huge goal I set for myself and I am really close to accomplishing it. And I seriously CANNOT wait to see my friends and hang out with them. It's going to be an epic weekend.

Will I see you Marathon weekend?

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Urban Running Girl Shrug

Note - I was not compensated in any way for this post. I just wanted to share a new product I found, that I bought myself, that I think you might like too.

While googling race recaps for my latest half marathon (doesn't everyone do that?), I came across one by Urban Running Girl. I read her recap and also came across a product she makes and sells - the running shrug. I was intrigued.

Urban Running Girl Shrug

This shrug is made of lightweight tech fabric, it's really functional and comes in a bunch of colors. I warm up very quickly during a race, but waiting around for the race to start I am usually cold. The Niagara Falls half was no exception. Usually I wear arm sleeves, but this shrug offers a little more coverage. It also has cuffs that fold over your hands to keep your fingers toasty. I was definitely very glad I had this shrug while waiting for an hour at the start.

I was wearing a short sleeve shirt and it fit over the top nicely.
After freezing for an hour, I was anxious to start the race.

The nice thing was that after two miles I took it off quickly during my walk break and tied it around my waist tightly. There's not a lot to it like there is for a jacket so it was basically like tying a belt or scarf around my waist. I never worried that it was going to fall off.

The shrug is made in Canada, but they do ship to the US. There's a sale right now for $20 Canadian plus shipping. Deb was super responsive on Twitter to my question on shipping and when I placed my order, she sent it out the very next morning. I will say it takes about a week to actually get the package due to the international shipping.

The card I got with my shrug, lots of ways to use it.

I was very happy with my purchase and wanted to share with my friends. I plan to use this shrug for my marathon. I am going to wear a tank top so it will be nice to have a little more something on to cover up at 4 am. And when I warm up after a few miles, I could even tuck it into the pocket of my Sparkle Skirt.

How do you stay warm waiting for a race to start?

Monday, November 3, 2014

2014 Niagara Falls International Half Marathon Recap

Last weekend, I ran the Niagara Falls International Half Marathon. My family lives in Buffalo and I thought it would be nice to go for a visit and get a race in. As you know I am training for the marathon in January, so a half was a good distance at this point in my training.

It was really neat to do an international race. The entire course was in Canada. The runners who ran the full actually started in Buffalo and ran across the Peace Bridge into Canada finishing the same place we did. I will give a piece of advice for running in Canada - don't try to cross the border the morning of the race. Save yourself some race day anxiety and just stay in Canada. I thought a half hour drive from my parents house to Niagara Falls would be no big deal. Well, the Canadian border only had one booth open at 7:30 am. So it took 30 minutes to get into Canada. I was sitting there staring at the parking garage where I needed to park and the buses I needed to be on to get to the start of the half. It was a little nerve wracking. Thankfully, I left early and that allowed me the hour I needed to get there on time.

It's a point to point race, running along the Niagara River. It was actually really peaceful and nice. There were hardly any spectators, a few cheer groups came out. It was a bit chilly waiting for the race to start. I was glad to have long sleeves. Thankfully it wasn't as windy running along the water as I thought it would be. And it really wasn't that cold either - 50 degrees and overcast.  I shed my long sleeves after 2 miles. 
Brrrr. It was cold out there at the start!

My view all 13.1 miles. It was very scenic.

This is the first half where I actively checked my Garmin to see what my pace was while running. I used it keep pushing myself. I tried to stay around 11:00 mph when running. In the beginning I was cruising! My walk breaks are every mile for anywhere from 10-60 seconds depending on if it's a water stop. I found my pace was getting to be around 12:00 toward the end. I was doing the math and trying to push myself even more since I knew a PR was possible.

I had a stretch goal of finishing the half before the winner of the marathon passed me. No such luck. At mile 12.75 that speedy guy came rushing past. So close!

I ended up finishing at 2:28:39 which is a minute slower than my PR. Not too shabby!

I will say that I am not a fan at all of the medal. I saw it on social media a few days before the race and thought it was ugly. You would think a race at Niagara Falls would feature the Falls in a nice graphic of some sort or a nice work of art. I am also really not a fan of a sponsor plastered all over my medal. But, it's bling so whatever. It hangs with all the other medals.

I might go out and buy a Hyundai because it's on my medal. Riiiiight.

I also wasn't a fan of the finish line location. It was at the upper rapids that lead into the Falls. It was quite a walk to actually get to the Falls themselves from where we were.

This was from the finish. You can see the mist from the Falls in the distance.

With all that being said, I am glad I did the race but probably won't be back. It was cool to add an international race to my repertoire. 

13th half marathon complete!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Seventeen miles

This past Sunday I ran 17 miles! That is the farthest I have ever run. Ever. I started out bright and early as the sun was rising. I do a two mile loop around my house so I had a little more than 8 laps to do! I stocked up at the end of my driveway and I was off.
Salted caramel gu, grape nuun, and water.

So excited to take on 17 miles. What was I thinking!?
My plan was to see how this training run went and add another marathon to my schedule. I really wanted to do the Philadelphia Marathon at the end of November for time. I am already registered for the Disney World full in January, but Disney races for me are never about time but rather fun. I wanted to see what I was capable of in running a full, so I thought I would do Philly. I was apprehensive about registering because I didn't want to injure myself and I know it takes a while to recover from a marathon, so I didn't want to ruin my training for the Disney full. I was waiting to sign up until I was really sure.

The first 14.5 miles were fine. No issues at all. It was long and boring and the fog was awful the entire time I ran. The fog made it more of a mental game for me the first 15 miles. I know it made it easier to run without the sun beating down on me. But I feel had it been sunny, it would have been easier mentally to keep going back lap after lap.
The fog was like this for hours. It was awful.
Nothing was out of sorts physically until mile 14.5. I thought it odd that it started going downhill then since I had run 15 miles two weeks before and was fine. So somewhere around 14.5 to 15 miles, I got kinda glazed over and fuzzy. My mind wasn't all there. It almost felt like the feeling I get when I am going to pass out, but I didn't think I was going to pass out. I was just feeling weird. I don't know if this is the wall that marathoners speak of. I think was too early in mileage for that. I was fueling with Gu every 45 minutes and drinking my water alternated with nuun. So I think I was ok in that regard. It was just a really bizarre feeling.

Then around 15 miles, my legs just did not want to move any more. I was definitely shuffling, but I kept going. My every one mile walk break turned into every half mile and then every quarter mile. Those last two miles were rough! So rough that it caused me to rethink signing up for another full. I am not going to sign up for Philly and am really glad I didn't before this.

I am pretty sure I will be one and done with the marathon after January. I will cross it off the bucket list and go back to my half marathons. That was rough work and there's still 9.2 miles to go after that. I am thinking it should get easier every couple of weeks with training as you up your mileage. It seems the last two are always the hardest because your body isn't used to that extra 2 miles that you added.

This was literally right after I finished. I was in no mood for smiling. I was just glad to be done. I even tried another picture with smiling and it was a bad attempt!

Despite having a rough time with it, I still finished 17 miles! In a row. At one time. Crazy stuff.

What about you? How is your training going?

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Arc Race 5K

Way back in 2008, I took up Couch to 5k as a way to lose more weight after I had my son. Back then the thought of running 8 minutes at a time was really daunting. I remember thinking I would never be able to do the 5k. I signed up for the Arc Race, a local 5k at Onondaga Lake park, as my goal race. I ran my first ever race and was super proud of myself for just finishing. My time, even though it didn't matter at that point in my life, was 34:52. I took a few years off from running after that race when I got pregnant and had my daughter.

Flash forward 6 years. Here I am, a 12 time half-marathoner. Now, a 5k is a short training run during the week. Funny that so long ago it took me eight weeks to build up to that distance. I am so proud of how far I have come.

I decided it would be fun to sign up for the Arc Race again this year. I don't do many 5k races. It's the first time I had the opportunity to push myself in an official race at that distance since the Festival of Races last October when I achieved my 5k PR of 30:46.

Now that I have my Garmin, I really focused on trying to push myself the entire race. I kept a close eye on my pace and kept telling myself that I could do it. My first mile was a 9:30 pace, which is unheard of for me. Unfortunately, I slowed down a bit the next two miles. I was tired and thirsty, and there was a little wind off the lake. What really got me at the end was a slight hill just before the finish line. Had I known I was so close to my PR, I might have pushed myself a little harder. But I had given up my time goal of finishing under 30 minutes at that point.

I finished in 31:10, which I was amazed by how close it was to my PR. I know close is all relative, but 24 seconds off isn't too shabby. What is even more amazing is that I finished 3:42 faster than my first race, 6 years earlier.

That's me in the middle, checking my Garmin as soon as I crossed. So much for a nice finish line photo! Priorities!

Do you like to run 5k races? Ever go back to a race just to see how you have improved?

Monday, September 8, 2014

Disneyland Half Marathon

The morning of the half, we woke up at 4:00 again. Actually, I woke up 10 minutes before the alarm both mornings. I always get so nervous that I am going to oversleep. We got ready and were out the door by 4:30 just like the day before.
Ready for the half!
I wanted to get to our corral early because I heard there was crowding issues last year. Wow, do they ever cram a lot of people into those corrals. We were in G and we got into our corral about 45 minutes before the race started. It was ridiculous to see the swarms of people still trying to get to the corral at 5:30. Apparently no one reads the race info that tells you to get into your corral early. Corrals went off two at a time, A & B, C & D, E & F, then just one at a time when it got to G. Well when we finally moved up toward the start line, they were letting the people who never made it into Corral G into the front of the line. I was so mad that I had waited so long and now all these people just waltzed right up at the last minute. But I Let it Go.

The race was super congested for the the first mile it seemed. I couldn't get into my pace because I was just surrounded by people. It did open up eventually. I will add here the one thing that was missing that I was so grateful for - the sun! We had cloud cover for 11 miles! It was glorious. It was still really hot, but if the sun had been beating down on me it would have been even worse.

Our first stop was Cars Land. We decided since the line was short and we didn't get any character photos the day before, that we would stop for this one.

There were quite a few groups of Army men along the way so we stopped to see them too.

Just before the castle, the Three Caballeros were out and we stopped to see them since that is such a rare photo opportunity. Well the cast member informed us that by the time we got to the front it would just be Donald. So we skedaddled. There was a super long line that wrapped around in Tomorrowland. We couldn't even tell who the character was until we rounded the corner. It was Darth Vader and Storm Troopers. Besides the fact that the line was ridiculously long, we had already seen him at Wine and Dine so we skipped that stop. We ran by the Tremaine sisters as well. There were three sets of villains in Fantasyland - Maleficent, Jafar and the Evil Queen, and then Cruella with Dr. Facilier from Princess and the Frog. We decided to just pick one. I think Maleficent was the longest line because people didn't realize the other two stops were just a few steps away.
Jafar had just breathed heavily at me and it made me laugh!

We also stopped for our castle shot since the one from the day before did not turn out so well.
Much better castle shot for the half
From there, we left the parks and took to the streets of Anaheim. The crowd support was really amazing. There were dance troupes, bands, cheerleaders, hula dancers, Mexican dancers, classic cars. It was just really cool to see so many people out supporting us. My friend Patty supported me too! She had a sign made and I literally screamed out loud when I saw it. It was such a great pick me up.
I knew I was the fave!
Another pick me up was a random runner who looked at our matching shirts and then gave us this card - she called us very patriotic. Who needs to win the race, when you can win best couple?

We won!

The classic cars were awesome. I heard there were a lot of them. There were way more than I thought there would be. We ran down a street that was lined with the cars and I thought that was it. Then we turned the corner and there were more. And then another corner, still more! The owners were cheering us on with lots of enthusiasm. We even got compliments on our shirts. It was just a really neat experience.
Rows and rows of classic cars.
I felt the need to document that I was with the cars. :)
There was a really cool Deathstar van with Star Wars illustrations.
Just when I was feeling tired, we were on our way to Angel Stadium. I was really looking forward to this for my husband. He is a big baseball fan and what's not to love about running through a stadium? It was just as awesome as I hoped it would be. I didn't tell him about the cheering fans so when we got there and it was full of people cheering for us, he loved it. We snapped pictures all over the place in there, probably pissed off a couple runners by cutting them off but oh well. It was just a great experience to share with him. Definitely a highlight and we aren't even Angels fans. Go Mets!
So much fun to be had at Angel Stadium!

Once we finished our jaunt through the stadium, it was just a short 3 miles or so back to Disneyland. I will be mile 11 I was TIRED. My legs were feeling all the miles of park time we had the two days prior, not to mention that 10K race. I definitely slowed down those last two miles. It didn't help that the sun was out by that point. My husband was great and very supportive to try to get me moving. I am a grump though so I should have tried to be more optimistic about how tired I was. Only 2 miles to go! As opposed to ugh, 2 more miles to go! In any event, it was a welcome sight to see that we were back in Disneyland at mile 12. Only 1 more to go, I could make that. The cast members were out in full force backstage and so were more bands. I could tell we were close, you could feel the electricity, not to mention see the runners with medals around their necks trying to make their way back to their hotels!

My husband grabbed my hand and the finish line was in sight!

Happy to be almost done!
I got really emotional. Not only was I tired from this race and just wanted it to be over, but just thinking of everything I accomplished with the back to back races and going coast to coast really overwhelmed me. I cried happy tears when we crossed that line. I never thought I would do a race at Disneyland and there I was, with my husband no less! It was amazing!
All choked up.
We did it!!!
Medals close-up - Bling me!
Of course, I brought all of my Glass Slipper Challenge medals from Princess weekend - the first race from my coast to coast so that I could create this awesome memory. I will never forget the pride I felt wearing all those medals. 

If you can dream it, you can do it!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Disneyland 10K

My husband and I traveled to California to take part in the Dumbo Double Dare challenge - without the kids! We had four days in the parks to do whatever we wanted to do. It was awesome! Since it was our first time at Disneyland we wanted to do as much as possible. The lesson you should learn from me is this: Don't wear out your legs traipsing around the parks when you've got races to run! Boy did I feel it during the half.

But I am getting ahead of myself....first let's start at the Disneyland 10K! We woke up at 4:00 am for our 5:30 race. Yes you read that correctly all you Disney World runners thinking I would never make it to the corral in time. We stayed at Disneyland Hotel and the race start and finish were just outside our hotel. It was lovely!! We left at 4:30 to walk over and probably could have left later. We just wanted to make sure we had enough time to get into our corral.
Super excited for my first Disneyland race!
We met up with my friend DisBroad Patty before the race start. Let me say it was awesome to see her and spend some quality time in the parks hanging out with her!

Super cute Haunted Mansion costume for Patty!

We started in Corral B. Let me tell you, it was hot! I was sweating a ton. Thank goodness it was only 6.2 miles that day. We made our way into California Adventure after running in the streets a bit and into the backstage area. It was cool to see the World of Color fountains. Alas, we never made it to see World of Color since we were just way too tired to stay that late both times we tried. Next time.
World of Color
I was really disappointed in the lack of character stops. Lightning McQueen was out in Cars Land (possibly Mater too) but we didn't want to stop at that point, we were just getting into our groove. There were parade floats in the backstage areas, but I don't really care to stop for pics of those. There was an Elvis impersonator by himself. Another Elvis with Chip and Dale in Jailhouse Rock attire which was super cute, but the line was long so we didn't stop. I figured there would be more opportunities. There was one more - Stitch in Elvis attire. I really wanted to stop, but the line was long. It wasn't Royal Minnie and Mickey long at Princess, but it was long enough that it would have been a good 10 minute wait and I just wanted to be done at that point.

Our only other photo stop was in front of the castle. We actually went to Disneyland for the first time while running through it. The day before we just went to California Adventure. It was a neat way to see the park for the first time, soaking it all in while running along. So when we came to the castle, I wanted to stop. Well it turned into a long stop, at least five minutes. The cast member was less than stellar in his photo taking abilities. He was kind of slow and I didn't even realize I was standing in front of the statue and you couldn't see it. I wish he would have told me. Sad trombone.

Castle shot - not worth the wait!

Before I knew it, we were in Downtown Disney and the race was almost over. It went by quickly and was a lot of fun! We got our cool Stitch medals.
Happy to be done with part 1 of Dumbo.

And I added one more bracelet to my collection!
After the race, we went to Goofy's Kitchen to celebrate. And then it was off to Disneyland!
We had a delicious meal at Goofy's.
I was so excited that I got to meet Jessica and Meredith from Scootadoot. We had been trying to meet up at various times during the weekend. They were in line for Matterhorn and my husband and I decided that single rider was the way to go to skip the 30-40 minute wait. Well, crazy enough, my husband ended up getting assigned to their car so I just switched with him and got to ride with them. It was fun, but a bumpy ride.
Me and the Scootadoot chicks!
And of course we met up with Patty again and enjoyed some shenanigans.
So fun!!!
We enjoyed the park too much and stayed out later than I wanted to. We grabbed Earl of Sandwich on the way to the hotel and settled in for the night at 7:00 or so. I was out like a light by 8:00, dreaming about the half marathon the next day.....

Monday, August 11, 2014

Running for charity

The running community is a great means of raising money for charity. Lots of runners run for a cause and donations are made to so many different kinds of charities in their name. I myself ran a virtual half to finish breast cancer for 26.2 with Donna.


I just recently signed up with Team Scoot a Doot to run, walk, or ride in September to support Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation. These wonderful ladies have formed a team to contribute to the Million Mile event to raise awareness about childhood cancer. I know of a little girl named Molly who is fighting cancer so joining the Scoot a Doot chicks seemed like the right thing to do. We have a team page where you can donate to our cause or even better, join us!


I have two friends who are St. Jude Heroes, which is another great organization fighting childhood cancer. They have both run multiple races in support of this great charity and have raised so much money for the cause. Suzanne and Kristen are true heroes. You can support their causes here: Suzanne and Kristen. Suzanne is even holding a fundraiser through Schwans. Buy some frozen food, have it delivered to your house, and help out a great cause at the same time.
I have two more friends who are making a difference with Team in Training. Julie and Wendy are running in support of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. You can donate to them here: Julie and Wendy. Julie is holding a fundraiser through Jamberry nails. When you order some fabulous nail wraps, a portion gets donated to the LLS. Just contact her for details on how to order.
I have probably overwhelmed you with all these links, people, and charities. My point was just to show you how you can help. Even if you just click on one link to donate to one cause, you have made a difference.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Back from vacation

Ok ok, so I have been back from vacation for over two weeks now. Eeek. I know, I know. It's been way too long since I updated. I unplugged while we were away for the week leading up to the 4th of July but I have been back for two whole weeks since then. I've been busy at work and it seems like we have something going on every night, whether it's swim lessons or random get togethers. My summers always book up quickly, does that happen to you too? I feel like a weekend with nothing to do is a nice break and I usually spend it cleaning the house since that is always last on my list of things to do.

In any event, I am back and the topic for Tuesdays on the Run this week is fitting in running on vacation. Perfect!! It's like Patty, April, and Erika had me in mind when they picked this topic.

I went on vacation with my family to Sandbridge Beach, VA. It's about 20 minutes south of Virginia Beach. It was the perfect getaway. We rented a house with extended family a couple streets away from the beach. It was a short 5 minute walk and the kids loved it! We also had a pool at our house which was a nice reprieve when it got to be too hot at the beach. We even drove up to Virginia Beach and rode a bike on the boardwalk. It was lots of fun!

Family fun at Virginia Beach!
I will say, I was glad we stayed in Sandbridge Beach. It was much more quiet than Virginia Beach. It's a residential area with all houses and just a few condominium complexes. None of the miles of hotels you find in Virginia Beach. The beach itself was also very quiet compared to the wall to wall people we saw at VB. We were able to spread out and did not feel cramped at all.

Getting to the topic at hand, I actually got out of bed early and ran three times while on vacation! Crazy, I know! I wasn't ambitious enough to run on the sand, but I did run on the road just next to it. I wasn't alone either, there were lots of walkers, runners, and bikers at 6:30 every morning when I went out.

My husband went with me the first morning for our 4 mile Disneyland Half Marathon training run. We just ran 2 miles down the road and 2 miles back, easy peasy. Well, easy besides the fact it was humid as all get out at 6:30 am! Good thing I had my handheld with me because we needed to hydrate. The other two days I went by myself and only mustered 2 miles each day, but it was better than nothing. And I didn't interfere with any vacation plans since I got up before anyone else to run and was back before they woke up.

Proof that we ran!
I was glad I did do some exercise because it helped offset (just a wee bit) all the good food I had. Well I should say good ice cream. I may have visited Sonic once or twice (or four times). But we don't have Sonic where I live so I needed to try all the milkshakes!!! Ok it was a bad idea since I gained weight, but at least I enjoyed myself. 

What about you? Have you gone anywhere on vacation this summer? Did you find the time to exercise?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tuesdays on the Run - Injuries

Tuesdays On The RunToday's topic for the Tuesdays on the Run link-up with Patty and April is injuries.

Thankfully I have not been sidelined with an injury. I feel like I need to knock on wood having said that.

I did, however, have an injury scare last year. I was training for Wine and Dine and had a half in town that I thought I could PR. But on my training runs, I could not get past 10 miles. My knee would start hurting - like a twinge. I stopped every time that happened so I never got to my longer runs. It scared me so much I made an appointment at the orthopedist just to be sure nothing was going on.

I told him my knee started hurting after running 10 miles. His solution was to not run longer than 10 miles. He was joking, I think only half joking. That wasn't going to happen since I had two runDisney events lined up already. He took x-rays and they came back negative. He gave me some extra strength Tylenol to help with inflammation and gave me some stretches to do. It must have helped.

Thankfully, the pain went away and I was fine during my local half. I decided after mile 10 that I was not going to stop to walk like I usually do every mile since my knee was holding up. I ended up getting that PR!

I know all injury stories don't end like mine. I am lucky. Have you been sidelined with an injury?